Meditation is not simply emptying the mind, rather it is about taking control of your thoughts and being at peace with those thoughts.

Exploring different meditation techniques and also integrating other tools is an integral part of the weekly sessions at Tree of Opportunity. Your willingness to embrace these tools and opportunities offers a sense of calm through self understanding. Group meditation allows sharing with likeminded people in a safe environment. Regular meditation offers the experience of the centeredness associated with a peaceful mind. Through exploration of self, you build self knowledge, offering you wonderful life opportunities. As you explore yourself you live a conscious life allowing you to make conscious choices rather than reacting or fulfilling others’ perception of who you are. When you are centred you are in a place to experience life differently and make choices from a place of calm.

Reward yourself with dedicated time for you and explore how amazing life can be.

Meditation offers supportive interaction, dedicated time, a sense of calm and the opportunity to know yourself and grow.