Healing & Art

Meditation, Reiki Healing, Workshops, Holistic Counselling, Art work

Tree of Opportunity offers you the opportunity to explore yourself and the world around you from a conscious and responsible perspective.  Tools offered to support you as you explore knowing yourself on the deepest level include, Meditation, Reiki and Holistic Healing.

Tree of Opportunity also offers art work for sale.




Reiki is an energetic hands on healing which supports the body, mind and spirit. You are an energetic being as well as a physical being. Energy healing supports you on an energetic level and a conscious level when you choose to embrace it.

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The movement of energy through the body supports an energetic flushing of stale and stuck energy opening pathways for change and growth. Being open to this energetic flushing and to change creates a different perspective from which you approach your life. You are able to embrace a holistic life view through operating on all levels of your being.



Meditation is an Opportunity to quiet the body and the mind and take stock.

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Tree of Opportunity offers a weekly meditation session aimed at supporting you with tools to explore yourself, your life and how you choose to live your life.


Meditation is not simply emptying the mind, rather it is about taking control of your thoughts and being at peace with those thoughts.






Holistic Healing

Holistic Counselling supports you in times of difficulty, stress, anxiety and discomfort. It offers an opportunity to look at the occurrences in your life and redefine them. This healing modality involves you in your own healing process and empowers you to be responsible for your own wellbeing. 


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Holistic Counselling offers an opportunity to investigate all aspects of your life and find a balance. Flower essences working energetically support you in maintaining balance and moving forward with your life.




Tree of Opportunity Offers art work by Tonia for sale.

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